Nice Jealousy

Merry Post-Christmas! I didn’t really have a Christmas strip ready, but here is one with a hobo cat.

ALSO: IT’S TAG TEAM TIME! Starting in January, I’m going to be swapping the roles of Smiling Ribs and Blue-Eyed Haiku for a while. The haiku will be the regular updates, on Fridays, and the Ribs will be occasional. This is for two reasons:

1. To ease the drawing workload on my recovering arm. (Haiku are simpler!)
2. Just for a change of comicky pace.

Sooo look forward to that (or dread it) and have a great holiday season!

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Eyes as Blue as Yours

A comic about eyeballs, for my eyeball-owning demographic. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I still like it haha.


sketches & commentary for patreon supporters:



I am currently trapped in super cute cat hell. A month and a half ago, we adopted a new cat, and while we love her like crazy, and she loves her big sister like crazy, big sister only wants to punch her in the face and yell at her.

Things have improved from the start, but lately they’ve been stuck in this stage where Chickpea (little sister) keeps trying to be friends with Bonnie (big sister), but the friendliness just makes Bon smoulder with rage. Sometimes she’ll take a few kisses, but always repays the affection with a clawless yet vindictive smack. They’re fine when they’re sleepy, but if even one of them is active, they require constant, aggravating supervision.

We’re trying some new strategies now, we’ll see how that goes. One thing that’s helped a bit is the product Feliway, a cat calming hormone spray. We spray it on a cat shirt and put it on Bonnie. It is her shirt of temporary happiness.

Look how happy she is

And here’s Chicky

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The Hottest New Voice In Fiction

“Profoundly Swami.” says Leo Tolstoy’s ribcage.

Blogga blog:I can finally draw a little bit again! And hold a jam jar high above my head! So the two things I missed doing the most are coming back.

I’m still pretty limited in what I can do. These are still old comics that I’m posting up. But I might be finally getting out of this armless hell!

Mundane story time: I can also drive short distances now, so I took my car in for an overdue oil change. They said it would take an hour, so I thought I might take the bus home if it were coming soon. Luck would have it, it was just arriving, so I hopped on!

The bus drove for a while, about halfway home, and then stopped in a plaza which also serves as a bus terminal. We idled there for five or ten minutes… and then the bus went back in the direction I came from. So sad.

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