The Hottest New Voice In Fiction

“Profoundly Swami.” says Leo Tolstoy’s ribcage.

Blogga blog:I can finally draw a little bit again! And hold a jam jar high above my head! So the two things I missed doing the most are coming back.

I’m still pretty limited in what I can do. These are still old comics that I’m posting up. But I might be finally getting out of this armless hell!

Mundane story time: I can also drive short distances now, so I took my car in for an overdue oil change. They said it would take an hour, so I thought I might take the bus home if it were coming soon. Luck would have it, it was just arriving, so I hopped on!

The bus drove for a while, about halfway home, and then stopped in a plaza which also serves as a bus terminal. We idled there for five or ten minutes… and then the bus went back in the direction I came from. So sad.

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Offhand Journal Comic

This is a little out of date now — I’m still recovering but getting close to normal again! It’s been really annoying to work around, but on the bright side, now I know how to wash a bowl with one hand really poorly.

Technical term for this thing is cubital tunnel syndrome… similar to carpal, but for the nerve responsible for your funny bone. Don’t lean on your elbows all day!


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