Life Stages of a Human Pop Star

As observed in the most popular wildernesses.

The nerve in my elbow is still recovering, but slowly. I miss drawing! Learn from old Uncle Derry, kids: don’t lean on your elbow so much if you’re going to draw for really long periods of time.

That said, it’s been nice to take a little mandatory break.

Also, more than a few people misread last week’s strip title as “How Catholics Give Birth” instead of Calicos, so I drew this for fun with a mouse. It took a long time ;-;


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How Calicos Give Birth

Based on a dream my girlfriend had.

I also put out a Social Anxiety Haiku this week. AND the first set of turbo-doodle requests for Patreon subscribers! If you’re interested in joining in this month, have a look at my Patreon page for more details.

Unfortunately, I’ve been drawing way too much lately and I’ve borked up my wrist/elbow. Comic updates will continue ’cause I’m far ahead of schedule, but the haiku might have to slow down for a while after next week’s.

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Never heard of him

It drives me crazy when people comment “Who?” or “Never heard of them. Why does this matter?” and so on after an article about a person. Don’t care who they are? Nothing wrong with that! But to act like anyone you haven’t heard of is insignificant is pretty fucking stupid.

There was a new haiku over at Blue-eyed Haiku this week! Go see!

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Social Bugs

This makes week 4 of the strip! One month! Sort of! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading so far. It’s pretty tricky to get anybody to look at your work on the internet, but it’s nice to to know a few people are!

Also, if you didn’t know already, I started a haiku-webcomic side project called Blue-Eyed Haiku. I was actually working on it before Smiling Ribs, until I decided to shift gears. So I have a bunch of them drawn already! They just need to be polished up a bit, so I’ll be posting them when I have the time. I’ll share links on all my usual channels, and in this space below the strips!

Keep an eye out for another haiku next week, and our usual Friday update! See you then.

Sketches & Notes for Patreon subscribers

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The Power of Beethoven

I do wonder what babies are experiencing when they get the headphones on them. I kinda like to think it’s just a blarby mess of sounds, but that it makes them smarter anyway, ’cause blarby.

To subscribers who saw the early version yesterday: I made a last minute change or two (hint – Beety’s face). If you prefer the old version, the early post is staying up on Patreon. And here are your Sketches/Notes/Alternates and a really old version

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Why you shouldn’t date a…

That’s me and my girlfriend, but this didn’t actually happen… yet (4 months till Christmas)

Sketches, Notes & Alternates for Patreon subs. Thank you folks for the support!

This week, I also did a quick side comic for fans of Dragon Ball Z and potatoes – take a look if that’s you. In-jokey stuff like that will be side dishes here, but I’ll post links to ’em, or you can follow me on the good old facebook, twitter or tumblr.

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