Favourite Flavour

it’s nutrient-rich crap though. (hey i’m drawing in pencil again!)

shout-out & thanks to patreon subscriber Chree, who says “Spay and neuter your pets.”

for those of you who remember, i’ve been battling an RSI injury for the past year and it forced me to put the comic on hold back in march. it has thoroughly sucked, and i’m still not 100%, but just being able to draw again on a regular basis makes me feel REBOOOORN and full of comicky life.

i think i’ve got a much healthier attitude about it now too. part of the reason i dropped drawing digitally was the infinite potential of undo-redo hell. you can nit all your picks until your brain explodes, and that was part of what led to my injury. plus i just like pencil, man.

anyway, thanks for reading. this is officially the start of volume 2 of smiling ribs. i’ll put out a print version of volume 1 sometime when i can. exciting! fun!! work work work. it feels good.

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Nice Jealousy

Merry Post-Christmas! I didn’t really have a Christmas strip ready, but here is one with a hobo cat.

ALSO: IT’S TAG TEAM TIME! Starting in January, I’m going to be swapping the roles of Smiling Ribs and Blue-Eyed Haiku for a while. The haiku will be the regular updates, on Fridays, and the Ribs will be occasional. This is for two reasons:

1. To ease the drawing workload on my recovering arm. (Haiku are simpler!)
2. Just for a change of comicky pace.

Sooo look forward to that (or dread it) and have a great holiday season!

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How Calicos Give Birth

Based on a dream my girlfriend had.

I also put out a Social Anxiety Haiku this week. AND the first set of turbo-doodle requests for Patreon subscribers! If you’re interested in joining in this month, have a look at my Patreon page for more details.

Unfortunately, I’ve been drawing way too much lately and I’ve borked up my wrist/elbow. Comic updates will continue ’cause I’m far ahead of schedule, but the haiku might have to slow down for a while after next week’s.

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